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InteliVideo lets you sell video downloads securely without giving up your brand, your customer or your data.


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Upload and Sell Videos

Upload your videos

Whether you upload one video title or 1,000, we’ll get you set up quickly and efficiently.

Protect Your Video Copyright

Promote your brand

Our easy-to-use templates and custom design solutions help you organize and market your videos in a way that fits your brand.

Sell Videos on a Film Channel

Create your channel

Prepare to sell on a global scale with our hosting, downloading, streaming, card processing and support services backing you up.

Make your videos available any time,
anywhere, on any device.

Any Time

Now your customers can download your videos and watch whenever they like – even when they’re offline.


Whether your customers are on a plane, at a workout or out fishing, your videos are always ready for instant playback.

Any Device

Your customers can watch your videos on smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs or any other connected device.

Stream Video From The Cloud

Stream it

Secure Download

Download it

InteliVideo lets you share content either way.

Mobile and Tablet Video Screens With Fitness Workout, Dance Classes, Instructional

Monetize your content any way you like.

Rent Video For Limited Time Icon


Let your customers rent your video content by giving them access for a limited period of time.

Sell Video Cart Icon


Let your customers take ownership of your videos with a fast, permanent download.

Subscribe To Video Icon


Offer complete or partial access to your video collection for a recurring monthly fee.

Powerful analytics

Part of what makes the InteliVideo Analytics platform such a game changer is that we track user behaviors to show you who’s watching what, when and how much. With us, you can see when people exit your videos or which ones they watch. This way you can make informed decisions that drive more sales.

Track Video Profits


Video Engagement


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Customer Behavior

Secure Payments direct to your account

Video Security Check

For you

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Easily set up recurring customer payments
  • No merchant account required
  • eCommerce built-in
  • Payments go direct to your bank
  • Integrate your third-party shopping cart

For your customers

  • Pay with credit card
  • View videos instantly after purchase
  • Option to stream or download securely

Create your own channel

The InteliVideo video content delivery platforms allows you to create a branded sales interface that matches the look and feel of your website. With us, you keep control of your brand, your customers and your data.


Your content will always look good on any screen size or digital device.


When your customers are checking out, they’ll experience everything about your brand – your logo, your images and your colors.


Since you keep all your customer data, it’s easy to keep your audience informed of your newest video releases, latest news and special deals.

Easy-to-Use Templates

Quick & easy


See InteliVideo in action.

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